Downsizing Your Way to Discounts (AND Free Stuff!)

27 10 2011

If you are a perfectly organized, minimalist person who lives in a house where, what little you have is immaculate and in its place– all the time… AND, if you always have the financial resources to do & have everything you want– regardless of the cost… Stop right here– this post is not for you.

However, if you are like me, and have a storage room, a junk drawer, a dusty bookshelf, or an overflowing laundry room… And if you have said in the last month, “Next time we get a few bucks, we should pick up (insert the thing you need, but never get around to buying)”… read on.  You just might enjoy this!

I often use coupon clipping services as a way to save time, while saving money.  The item I most often use this service for is diapers.  As I have said before in my posts, I have 3 kiddos in diapers, so I regularly buy Big Packs (the big box) of Huggies diapers, for around $10.  They retail between $25-30.  The kicker?  The $10 I spend on the coupon (clipping service) for each box– is generated by the sale of items I have around the house!  Let me state it again, more simply.  I sell stuff around the house, that we don’t need… To buy things we DO need. 

Over the past couple years, I have sold books, clothing, toys, collectables, and other miscellaneous stuff– mostly on eBay and Craigslist.   eBay works great for items that are not much bigger than a proverbial breadbox, because the shipping costs for smaller items are fairly insignificant, and you have a much wider buying audience.  However for larger items, I prefer to sell to locally because you can arrange for local pickup and not have to forfeit profit to shipping costs.  It is easy to set up user accounts on both eBay and Craigslist, and both sites have customer service reps that can help if you have any problems. Before you start selling, be sure to look over the sites’ selling policies so that you can maintain good standing with them by following their rules.  I recommend if you don’t have one already, that you set up a PayPal account as well.  This allows for fast and secure transactions, without the hassle of other forms of payment.

If you have a digital camera, taking pictures of your saleable items will increase the traffic to your ads.  If you don’t have a camera, make sure you give very detailed descriptions of your items.  If the item you are selling has any kind of flaw, no matter how insignificant– detail that flaw in your listing.  This will help you gain positive feedback from your buyers, so that you can build a reputation as an honest seller.

You would be amazed at what items you have lying around, that someone else is chomping at the bit to place a bid on!  Everything is a prized possession to someone.  I have even seen rocks & empty containers (like baby food jars) sell online.  Since I have 5 kids and I consider dragging them all to the Post Office to be cruel and unusual punishment, I use the USPS free pickup service for most of the items I sell.  I only have to go online and schedule the pickup, and my mail carrier comes right to my door to pick up my packages.

After you have sold a few items, you will have money in your PayPal account.  I like to call this my “Junk Money”.  You can then either transfer that money to your personal bank account, or use the PayPal funds to order items you need, online.  I often use my junk money to order (the clipping of) coupons from eBay or other coupon clipping services.  If I know I am running low on dish soap, I will go online and find coupons for the dish soap I use, and buy (clipping service for) coupons for that dish soap.   I pay between 99 cents and $2 for (the clipping service of) 20 coupons, each good for at least 50 cents off.  I wait until my dish soap is on sale for 99 cents, and I get them for 49 cents each, and sometimes less with higher value coupons!  I do the same thing to buy diapers, and other household items.  You can check ahead to see when the thing you need will be on the best sale– by using the links to the right. —->

After a while of doing this, you will find your house less cluttered, and your pocketbook less strained… And all it takes is a little time and effort!

Happy Junking! :0)







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