Perspective: The Best Space-Saver of All!

9 08 2011

I have seen many bloggers talk about creative ways to maximize living space, for this purpose and that.  While shelf-building and clever organizing can help tidy a house, it takes much more to create a home!

Recently, I was talking with a good friend, who was complaining about the size of her home, and things she wished she could change.  As she was talking, it occurred to me that, all over America– there are people who, because of our economy– do not have homes at all.  Entire families have lost their homes and everything they own.   I myself have been guilty of griping about my living conditions. I live with my family of 7 in a thousand square foot home.  My kitchen is only a little bigger than our bathroom.  Nevertheless, it contains a refrigerator full of food, an oven to cook it in, and a sink with running water.  How many Americans would be overcome with gratitude to be able to make this claim!

I think the best way to maximize space –is to be grateful for it.  While we may not have the biggest, most extravagant living space, it contains the most precious luxury of all… Family!  Strangely, when I keep this perspective, my kitchen doesn’t seem quite so small.  The fact is, no matter how big or small my house is, there is always something to be thankful for.  There is always somebody who has it worse than I do.  So instead of complaining about what I don’t have, I will choose to be grateful for all we DO have, and use those things to bless others.  So what if my lack of counter-space means I have to cool cookies on top of the wash machine… I guarantee they taste just as sweet.  Even sweeter, if shared with friends.  I can use my tiny kitchen to feed homeless people, bake cookies for lonely people in nursing homes, and much more!  When we use what we have, to help another Human Being–  inadequacy is snuffed out and replaced by an overwhelming sense of reward.

Gratitude gives us freedom from feelings of lacking, and allows us to use what we have, to the benefit of ourselves and others.

I have heard it said, that “Love grows best in small spaces.”

If this is true, then my family will be bound by unbreakable bonds…

And that’s no small success!





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